🕸 dApps integrating ParaSwap

Thanks to the API, Paraswap can easily be integrated into other decentralized applications to provide efficient swaps anywhere it's needed.

💻 Integrating ParaSwap in your Dapp

ParaSwap is built with dApp developers in mind: using the API, DeFi services can easily offer optimized swaps to their users.

Projects integrating our API can easily collect a commission on the trades they facilitate thanks to the Revenue Sharing Contract.​

ParaSwap ReactJS Widget

Website-owners can also easily integrate ParaSwap using the widget. With two lines of code, it enables their users to check rates and swap.

​Check the Github repository for more information.​

Prewiew of ParaSwap's widget

🚀 Decentralized Applications Integrating ParaSwap

🔍 Overview

👛 Wallets

🔀 Aggregators

🃏 Others


DeBank DeFi




Enzyme Finance


Staking Rewards

Stake DAO





Reef DeFi





👛 Wallets

Argent Wallet

Argent, the mobile Ethereum wallet using an innovative Guardian mechanism enabling easy recovery without a paper backup integrated ParaSwap to enable their users to conveniently exchange tokens at the best rates.


MetaMask is the leading Ethereum wallet, trusted by over 1 million users worldwide. It's a browser-extension enabling easy access to web3 decentralized applications, such as ParaSwap. MetaMask users can now swap using ParaSwap directly from their wallets!


Monolith is a non-custodial Ethereum wallet paired with a Visa debit card. ParaSwap is integrated into the mobile app to facilitate users' token swaps.

Preview of ParaSwap-powered swaps in the Monolith mobile wallet

🔀 Aggregators


Quadency is a cryptocurrency trading terminal collating access to many liquidity sources. It uses ParaSwap to aggregate decentralized sources of liquidity.

ParaSwap-powered swaps on Quadency

​DeBank DeFi​

DeBank is a super useful tool for DeFi users, providing access to key metrics such as TVL and ranking of the main projects as well as a portfolio tracking feature & swapping rates comparator fetching ParaSwap's rates.


Frontier is a chain-agnostic DeFi aggregator harnessing ParaSwap's API to power its users' swaps on Ethereum. (BSC x Ethereum)


Ydex is a cross-chain decentralized liquidity aggregator using ParaSwap's API to secure its users' swaps on the Ethereum network.

​Reef DeFi​

Reef is a cross-chain aggregator aiming to provide streamlined access to DeFi thanks to ParaSwap. (DOT x BSC)


A protocol enabling users to mint non-custodial oracle-less digital-native funds. The swaps required to perform the underlying operations are routed using ParaSwap's API.

🃏 Others

​Enzyme Finance​

Enzyme is a comprehensive on-chain asset management solution harnessing ParaSwap to provide optimized token exchanges for its end-users.


Mooni is a crypto offramp solution harnessing ParaSwap to offer seamless off-ramping of ETH & ERC-20 tokens to EUR or CHF on users' bank accounts without requiring KYC.

​Stake DAO​

Stake DAO is a streamlined interface to access DeFi, providing easy access to several strategies and portfolio tracking features. Stake DAO users can also swap tokens at the best rate thanks to their integration with ParaSwap.

​Savitar Exchange​

Savitar is a custodian exchange based in France providing access to DEXs liquidity through ParaSwap.