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A guided reading to facilitate the discovery and understanding of ParaSwap

🏰 Welcome into a pathway to the Citadel standing in broad daylight for everyone to see but only a few to master.

This page provides a deep dive into the value provided by ParaSwap. Understanding it involves exploring key concepts related to decentralized exchanges, liquidity pools, and DeFi in general.

So grab a coffee ☕ and enjoy the read!

— If you are new to Ethereum or DeFi, you'll learn many things about DEX, managing transactions, gas costs & much more.


First, refer to our quickstart to figure out what ParaSwap is, what you need to get started, and what it can bring:


As you start using ParaSwap, you might have some burning questions - find them answered there:


🔮 ParaSwap's Edge

Now you might wonder why use ParaSwap over another aggregator or a decentralized exchange directly? This page will help you answer this question:

⛓ Managing Transactions on Ethereum

To make the most of ParaSwap, you need to understand a bit how transactions are handled on the Ethereum network:

📈 Price Impact

If you start swapping more sizable amounts or perform swaps on pairs with low liquidity, you'll need to understand how price-impact works in detail:

🛡 Hedging Risks on ParaSwap

Finally, this resource provides details to better understand the exhaustive risk profile of a trade made on ParaSwap and how to manage it:


🌀 Supported Services

The presentation of all the DEX integrated with ParaSwap and the services providers integrating our API.

💱 Fees & Business Model

There are currently no fees on ParaSwap. However, services integrating with ParaSwap can charge a commission on the swaps they facilitate.

📜 Changelog

An outline of the main updates pushed on ParaSwap: new exchanges supported, new tokens, new features, and other improvements.

🦐 Small Trades on ParaSwap

A resource to better understand how ParaSwap can help optimize even small trades.